Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello World! I had two job interviews today.. I think I bombed both of them but what ever life goes on! I guess I will find out tomorrow if I need to keep the hunt going. I like writing although I don't do it as often I wish I would. This week we got to play volleyball with our friends in our ward. We entered in to a tournament type deal at the UVU institute building but we didn't win and it was a single elimination game so we just went to other courts and played.. SUper FUn! There are a like four couples that all play volleyball in our ward there may be more I am just not out going enough to know.. one of my new years resolutions... be more out going! I even made a time capsule cause I am all crafty like that but after I made it I was too bored to actually put all the things in to it haha maybe sometime this year I will get to making it. I have been making hair flowers and jewelry lately although I am not a professional yet someday I will! Sometimes I just sit around day dreaming about setting up a little table out side my house (kinda like a lemonade stand) but with my things I love to make!

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  1. Hey Leash! I'm happy that i found you your blog! I happy to hear that you guys are doing so great!