Friday, May 4, 2012

Easter Eggs

My Family goes all out for easter these were from 2011 My family is so creative 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello World! I had two job interviews today.. I think I bombed both of them but what ever life goes on! I guess I will find out tomorrow if I need to keep the hunt going. I like writing although I don't do it as often I wish I would. This week we got to play volleyball with our friends in our ward. We entered in to a tournament type deal at the UVU institute building but we didn't win and it was a single elimination game so we just went to other courts and played.. SUper FUn! There are a like four couples that all play volleyball in our ward there may be more I am just not out going enough to know.. one of my new years resolutions... be more out going! I even made a time capsule cause I am all crafty like that but after I made it I was too bored to actually put all the things in to it haha maybe sometime this year I will get to making it. I have been making hair flowers and jewelry lately although I am not a professional yet someday I will! Sometimes I just sit around day dreaming about setting up a little table out side my house (kinda like a lemonade stand) but with my things I love to make!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The beginning of a new semester is always interesting... It is the time where you find out how busy the next 4 months of your life will be. I found out I am going to have a very relaxed maybe a little on the dull side I only have mid terms and finals it seems. Andrew on the other side has super busy classes so that leaves me at home... A LOT. But I am not complaining I would rather be the not so busy one.
Something exciting happened though I am taking a p.e. Volleyball class and my coach is the assistant volleyball coach, i guess the UVU team had a couple girls not be able to play so they are in need of a tall girl that can play volleyball.. that is where I come in i got asked to practice with them. First I have to have a 2 week tryout but you know what i figure even if i get to play volleyball again on a team for 2 weeks I would be wonderfully excited! We will see how it goes I will be crossing my fingers!
When I was younger, volleyball was my life I played 9 months out of the year and 5 days a week usually and when I left CWC last year I had no idea how much I was going to miss it. I have never had much free time and now I don't know what to do with it. It was funny there is a girl in one of my classes that played on the U of U volleyball team and she made a comment in class that her whole life she has worked out but it was not because she wanted too it was because she always had too and had a coach telling her what to do, in her face telling her to run more or run faster and with out that it working out seemed like it wasn't worth it and there was no motivation. I kinda feel the same way I never learned that love of just running or lifting I always had a purpose and it was because I wanted to be better at volleyball.
With all this free time I try to think well I have to have hobby's everyone does but then when I think about it the only skill i ever developed was a team sport and I don't have a team to play with what are my hobbies? Over the summer I got in to reading I read 2 really good books the last song, and message in a bottle, I bought a third book and started reading it but it didn't catch my attention so I have no desire to read it again. Homework just seems pointless I can get by in class with out doing my reading I always do and my homework it not challenging where I need to start it any more than 2 days in advance. So that is my goal in life right now find something that I find interesting, and do it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Water balloon Madness

Today BYU was trying to break the guenes book of world record water balloon fight! We went to it and it was a blast there was about 3500 people there, that is my guess at least. I ended up almost blind by getting hit in the face 2 seconds after it started and andrew got a bloody nose but we loved ever minute of it! My boy can chuck those water balloons far!! I love the adventures we have together!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Provo River

The Provo river what a grand adventure we had today, very memorable to say the least. We started off the day hanging out with my besty Monique who brought her brother and sister with us to float the ice run off we call Provo river. Started out great we dipped our toes in the water and from that second on I was trying to remember why I agreed on this journey in the first place. Thus the 4 mile journey begun. It was going as well as could be expected we were laughing having lots of fun kept getting caught in the bushes but it was fun. The first adventure we came to was when we were floating in the this half fallen tree that was hanging about 6 inches above the water. Andrew came up with a plan that we all though would work he said when we get to it we will all catch our selves and push us around it. So as we approached and stuck our hands out to catch our selves Monique was the first to find out that plan had a little flaw in it. The current below us was much stronger than we thought, she got sucked under the tree with her arms and legs flayling Andrew and I were right there behind her. We all got thrown from our tubes and for a second I thought we lost them. We were all fine and then the real fun happened! we went through pretty wild rapids and of course I was the lucky one to get flipped off my tube I hurried got back on but by that time I was way behind everyone else. Because my husby wusby is such a wonderful person he decided he would grab a branch and wait for me. Well to his suprise right as I was passing he heard a pop and his tube was gone. I didn't know what to do here I go flying by my husband, a river on one side of him and a forest of prickly weeds on the other. I tried to jump off my tube to go save him but little did I relize 1) the water was well past 6 feet deep I couldn't reach the bottom and 2) i jumped off in the middle of rapids. I finally get to shore with my tube in my hand not knowing what to do. while all this was happening Mo and her siblings were waiting for me also and while they held on to a branch Moniques tube popped. So I gave her my tube told her and her siblings to finish and we would walk. So random tuber guy that saw this happen said we only have about a half a mile left. Boy he was uninformed. It was 2 miles left. Andrew and I started walking on an old rail road track that followed the river. I was the only on in our group that has brought shoes so Andrew was walking bare foot through rocks weeds and hot metal. After tuffing it out for about 5 minutes he finally gave in and took one of my shoes. With our other foot we made quiet wonderful shirt shoes that maybe were not as good as a real shoe but boy of boy was I grateful. As we were walking I had a lot of time to ponder about how many things I was grateful for.
A rail road track which for part of the way gave us wood to walk on instead of just weeds and rocks. Which by the way just intersected the river and started following it right before the tube popped.
A husband with such a great attitude, we both knew that our feet were hurting but never did he complain.
Shoes, even if it was only on saved my left foot from a lot of pain.
the beautiful Rocky mountains if we were stuck walking in the middle of know where for an hour I was glad for such beautiful scenery.
Sun screen that we very generously put on more than we needed before we left for our adventure.
I was so grateful that if i had to be in this situation that I was with my husband, most of the way we just walked talked hand in hand down the rocky rail road.

We were laughing at the irony of the engagement photos that every couple takes. We are the reality, walking down train tracks wearing on real shoe and one shirt shoe. Welcome to married life its not just a pretty picture posed... we are living the real adventure LIFE

It seems like a train wreck kinda day but it was the most fun I have had in a long time. As long as we are together we can make any situation great! I love days that are something you would never expect and are days you will never forget.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 Months

Some day this whole blogging thing will work for me I am sure of it maybe when I have a cute adorable little child that I can up load pictures of or something exciting to write about but for now it is pretty difficult to find motivation. In the past few months many big decisions have been made. Andrew now is no longer aspiring to be a dentist but is now getting his degree in bioinformatics. It is a biology degree mixed with computer science. What can you do with that degree you ask... well what a great question that is because I am not quite sure on it either but he is happy with it and so am I. I have now made the final decision to get my history education degree. I have only taken one history class so far but I am fascinated by every thing I learn and can't wait to become a history buff, just give me a few years I will WOW you with my knowledge. I quit my job about a month ago I could not take working for a scamy call center any more so since then we have been living off of our free money from the government. We have wonderful parents who pay for our tuition so we are lucky enough to just hang out all day with each other. We just got back from lake powell were we had a blast my poor dad tore his bicep muscle off his arm and has to have surgery. It is a curse anytime we go on a family trip someone has to be injured. Andrew is missing home and wants to go to Arizona for a visit so hopefully we will be able to go there in august!

Friday, March 19, 2010

4 months going and still going strong

I would think it would be safe to safe that Alicia and Andrew are still 100 percent perfect for each other. Yesterday was our 4 month anniversary wow we have been together so long haha but we are still loving all of it. Andrew is almost done with his 10 page paper, he loves to procrastinate those big papers. I secretly think that he likes the danger and uncertainty of not knowing if he will get it done in time. I have been looking for a new job I apply all over and just get rejection emails, but finally I got an interview at APEX alarm and well surprise I didn't get the job.
Last weekend was really fun for me I got to hang out with my best friend two nights in a row! Although on Friday she came over to my house and stupidly I told her to park in our parking lot forgetting that the Provo parking enforcement are crazy about parking in places that you don't have a sticker. So Monique got a boot on her car, and because it was my fault I had to pay the fatty 50 dollar fine. THANKS A LOT SELF!
Lessons we learned these last two months... House work never ends! Kisses and hugs and cuddles solve most problems. Andrew's moto "happy wife, happy life. Sometimes just making and eating muffins for dinner is ok.