Friday, March 19, 2010

4 months going and still going strong

I would think it would be safe to safe that Alicia and Andrew are still 100 percent perfect for each other. Yesterday was our 4 month anniversary wow we have been together so long haha but we are still loving all of it. Andrew is almost done with his 10 page paper, he loves to procrastinate those big papers. I secretly think that he likes the danger and uncertainty of not knowing if he will get it done in time. I have been looking for a new job I apply all over and just get rejection emails, but finally I got an interview at APEX alarm and well surprise I didn't get the job.
Last weekend was really fun for me I got to hang out with my best friend two nights in a row! Although on Friday she came over to my house and stupidly I told her to park in our parking lot forgetting that the Provo parking enforcement are crazy about parking in places that you don't have a sticker. So Monique got a boot on her car, and because it was my fault I had to pay the fatty 50 dollar fine. THANKS A LOT SELF!
Lessons we learned these last two months... House work never ends! Kisses and hugs and cuddles solve most problems. Andrew's moto "happy wife, happy life. Sometimes just making and eating muffins for dinner is ok.

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