Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 Months

Some day this whole blogging thing will work for me I am sure of it maybe when I have a cute adorable little child that I can up load pictures of or something exciting to write about but for now it is pretty difficult to find motivation. In the past few months many big decisions have been made. Andrew now is no longer aspiring to be a dentist but is now getting his degree in bioinformatics. It is a biology degree mixed with computer science. What can you do with that degree you ask... well what a great question that is because I am not quite sure on it either but he is happy with it and so am I. I have now made the final decision to get my history education degree. I have only taken one history class so far but I am fascinated by every thing I learn and can't wait to become a history buff, just give me a few years I will WOW you with my knowledge. I quit my job about a month ago I could not take working for a scamy call center any more so since then we have been living off of our free money from the government. We have wonderful parents who pay for our tuition so we are lucky enough to just hang out all day with each other. We just got back from lake powell were we had a blast my poor dad tore his bicep muscle off his arm and has to have surgery. It is a curse anytime we go on a family trip someone has to be injured. Andrew is missing home and wants to go to Arizona for a visit so hopefully we will be able to go there in august!

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