Thursday, September 9, 2010

The beginning of a new semester is always interesting... It is the time where you find out how busy the next 4 months of your life will be. I found out I am going to have a very relaxed maybe a little on the dull side I only have mid terms and finals it seems. Andrew on the other side has super busy classes so that leaves me at home... A LOT. But I am not complaining I would rather be the not so busy one.
Something exciting happened though I am taking a p.e. Volleyball class and my coach is the assistant volleyball coach, i guess the UVU team had a couple girls not be able to play so they are in need of a tall girl that can play volleyball.. that is where I come in i got asked to practice with them. First I have to have a 2 week tryout but you know what i figure even if i get to play volleyball again on a team for 2 weeks I would be wonderfully excited! We will see how it goes I will be crossing my fingers!
When I was younger, volleyball was my life I played 9 months out of the year and 5 days a week usually and when I left CWC last year I had no idea how much I was going to miss it. I have never had much free time and now I don't know what to do with it. It was funny there is a girl in one of my classes that played on the U of U volleyball team and she made a comment in class that her whole life she has worked out but it was not because she wanted too it was because she always had too and had a coach telling her what to do, in her face telling her to run more or run faster and with out that it working out seemed like it wasn't worth it and there was no motivation. I kinda feel the same way I never learned that love of just running or lifting I always had a purpose and it was because I wanted to be better at volleyball.
With all this free time I try to think well I have to have hobby's everyone does but then when I think about it the only skill i ever developed was a team sport and I don't have a team to play with what are my hobbies? Over the summer I got in to reading I read 2 really good books the last song, and message in a bottle, I bought a third book and started reading it but it didn't catch my attention so I have no desire to read it again. Homework just seems pointless I can get by in class with out doing my reading I always do and my homework it not challenging where I need to start it any more than 2 days in advance. So that is my goal in life right now find something that I find interesting, and do it.

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