Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

This weekend has been great! We got to go see the BYU mens volleyball team play stanford on friday night! It was a super intense game it just blew our minds how hard they hit the ball wow I would give my right pinky toe to be able to hit a volleyball that hard! The next day we got to go shopping just my favorite past time ever! We went to bed bath and beyond and went crazy good thing we had such wonderful friends and familys that gave us gift cards for our wedding. We got our bed put all together. Being moved out and married I finally realize how expensive things are we bought sheats are alot more expensive than I previously thought. That night we got to go hang out with our new married friends Lexi and Jordan. They made us delicious food THANKS!!! And then we went to lifetime to play volleyball, well most of us were on the same page jordan kept wanting to play soccer so we just decided to start the new game "soccerball" a mix between the two sports it turned out to be a super super fun night! On sunday my little sister shelby and cassi came to church with us and after we walked around BYU to show them around and give them the grand tour. Which included the duck pond and the iring science center. Then we came to my familys house and ended the night playing what tayson calls tut tut doose aka duck duck goose. It was really funny it definatly showed who the fast ones in the family... andrew and the slow ones... alicia. I got laped by megan but I do have a pretty good excuse I couldn't run I was laughing too hard.

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