Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Month Update

Well in this first month of marriage we have learned very valuable lessons. We have been through a lot but have been loving every minute! We still have everything in our house put away. We have a 2 bed room apartment. The living room (that has acted like our bed room this month because before today we have not had a bed so I would sleep on the big love sac and andrew slept on the couch.) The "bed room" aka where Alicia's clothes have taken over the bed room. And the office which is Andrew's school space/ all the crafts we got from our wedding we haven't hung up yet/ all the things that we don't know where to put.
I Have been working bringing home the bacon everyday and I am taking two online classes. Andrew is taking a bunch of classes at BYU and is busy with homework. Andrew just found a dentist to shadow he had went twice today was his second day. He says he still wants to be a dentist so thats great!


  1. YAY!! congratulations on your marriage and hopefully you get a good "bed room" soon!